Free to Grow Live is Available

Hi Folks

At long last our LIVE album is available on our website, on Bandcamp plus the usual suspect suite of music sale and streaming sites. A huge thanks to our friends The UnHeard who invited us to open for them; to Roots and Soul Music Promotions for hosting the show; and to MRD Studios for recording the event. In addition to the audio recording, a video playlist is available on YouTube which includes all 11 songs performed. Liking and subscribing is a great help to us so please feel free to do so.

We had a great time on February 25, 2023 as we performed live for the first time in 4 ½ years. Yes cancer sucks as did the pandemic, but it's awfully good to be back. An amazing highlight was performing “Miracle Man” live for the first time in front of the man himself. It is so great to have both the audio and video documentation.

Stay tuned as we plan to release a full length (14 songs) studio album in the near future. 

Peace and Love

Jeff Patch