From the recording Along for the Ride

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Is this about a real person? Not exactly as she is a composite, but perhaps there are real Weekend Freaky Girls out there somewhere.

Music and Lyrics © Jeff Patch SOCAN

Dan Doucet: Lead Vocals
Marie-Hélène: Michaud Backing Vocals
Amanda L. Moss: Backing Vocals
Catherine LeBlanc: Backing Vocals
Jeff Patch: Electric Guitar
Vaughan Evans Lead Electric Guitar
Larry LeBlanc: Bass
James Rooney: Drums

Recorded by Free to Grow
Mixed and Mastered by Adrian Jenkinson, Hairy Monster Audio, Hull UK


That's right, hold tight
Freaky girl's gonna give you a fright
Got legs, got the face
Frizzy hair a little out of place

Got a look, can't help but see
Her tattoos and her beads
Chasin' metal bands from bar to bar
Winks at the player on guitar

Ooh Weekend Freaky Girl
Ooh Weekend Freaky Girl

She smokes, does coke
Joins the band when they're haven' a toke
Twisted smile, glazed eyes
Knows how to shake it when she tries

Gettin' old, but the boys don't mind
Still the hottest they can find
She gets loud, lets out a howl
A weekend cougar on the prowl

Ooh Weekend Freaky Girl
Ooh Weekend Freaky Girl

In the week you'd never know
Got a steady job, stays off the blow
Quiet sweetie in the workplace
Boss thinks she's straight-laced

Can't stop, can't settle down
Likes it freaky, likes to get around
Always keepin' weekends free
For head bangin' 'n getting freaky

Ooh Weekend Freaky Girl
Ooh Weekend Freaky Girl
Ooh Weekend Freaky
Ooh Weekend Freaky
Ooh Weekend Freaky Girl