1. Do What You Do

From the recording Along for the Ride

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Inspired by blues rock al a Hendrix, this is a fun one to play. Whatcha gonna do? You're gonna do what you do.

Words and Music © Jeff Patch (SOCAN)

Lead Vocals: Marie-Hélène Michaud
Backing Vocals: Amanda L. Moss
Backing Vocals: Catherine LeBlanc
Backing Vocals: Jeff Patch
Electric Guitar, 12 String Acoustic, Keys: Jeff Patch
Electric Guitars: Dan Doucet
Lead Electric Guitars: Rob McFee
Bass: Alan Gray
Drums: James Rooney

Recorded by Matt Douthwright, MRD Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Adrian Jenkinson, Hairy Monster Audio, Hull UK


In the stage lights
I always saw you shine
It was in your eyes
Somehow dark but still bright

And the smile
Strangely lit the sky
Connected me inside
To a world that had life

Do what you do
Do what you do
Do what you do
What you always do

Now I, I don’t know
What dimmed the light
Tore you up inside
Part of you died

And I cried
As trust in human nature died
All those lies
Oh dear, you can’t deny

Time, time has been so kind
and you’re forever fine
They turn to look
When you walk by

And redemption
It can be a fine line
Can you extricate,
And live a good life?

Do what you do
Do what you do
Do what you do
What you always do