From the recording Along for the Ride

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Let's forget all our worries about the troubles in our world, pretend we are are back in the days of disco, and Dance the Days Away.

Music and Lyrics © Jeff Patch SOCAN

Lead Vocals Peter Hicks
Backing Vocals: Marie-Hélène Michaud
Backing Vocals: Amanda L. Moss
Backing Vocals: Catherine LeBlanc
Lead and Rhythm Electric Guitar: Dan Doucet
Rhythm Electric Guitar: Jeff Patch
Trombone: Heather Fyffe
Tenor Sax: Tom Richards
Trumpet: Matte Robinson
Bass: Alan Gray
Drums: James Rooney

Recorded by Free to Grow
Mixed and Mastered by Adrian Jenkinson, Hairy Monster Audio, Hull UK


Bounce up and down
Wave your hands
And dance around
Bob your head
Stomp on the ground
Shake your hips
Groove with the sound

You’re a dancing fool
Dancing ‘til the sun goes down

Build it up
And break it down
Do the jiggle
Shout it out
Got Jimmy legs
Point to the crowd
Shine the wiggle
Then spin around

You’re a dancing fool
Dancing ‘til the sun goes down

Shake it, shake it
Dance to the song
Vibrate and fake it
All day long
It’s all right
It’s all wrong
You’re in the show
You sang the song
And you know you can dance the days away

Inky dinky
Keep your pants on
Freaky sneaky
Move it along
Obliquely leaky
Bang a gong
Itchy kitchy
Ping the pong

You’re a dancing fool
Dancing ‘til the sun goes down