1. Spirit Guide

From the recording Along for the Ride

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If you're lucky you just might have a spirit guide gliding in the air looking after you.

Words and Music © Jeff Patch SOCAN

Amanda L. Moss: Lead Vocals
Catherine LeBlanc: Backing Vocals
Marie-Hélène Michaud: Backing Vocals
Louis Turgeon: Backing Vocals
Dan Doucet: Backing Vocals and Guitar
Joseph Bonnell: Guitar
Jeff Patch: Guitar
Alan Gray: Bass
James Rooney: Drums

Recorded by Free to Grow
Mixed and Mastered by Adrian Jenkinson, Hairy Monster Audio, Hull UK


Soft cries, darkening skies
Uneasy nights, peculiar lights
She glides in the air

Quiet and pure, bringing the cure
Leaving no trace, she wins the race
And she glides in the air

My spirit guide

And I, I bring her butterflies
And she, she helps me sleep at night

How long can it be and what can it mean
Is it only me who she can see
as she glides in the air?

My spirit guide
My spirit guide
My spirit guide
My spirit guide
My guide