From the recording Free to Grow LIVE

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Recorded live at the Grimross Taproom in Fredericton , New Brunswick on February 25, 2023.

Amanda L. Moss: Lead Vocals
Marie-Hélène Michaud: Backing Vocals
Catherine LeBlanc: Backing Vocals
Jeff Patch: Acoustic Guitar
Dan Doucet: Electric Guitar
Joseph Bonnell Electric Guitar
Alan Gray: Bass Guitar
James Rooney: Drums

When Amanda heard the title, she said "I want to sing that one."

Music and Lyrics © Jeff Patch SOCAN

Audio Recorded by Matt Douthwright, MRD Studios

Mixed and Mastered by Adrian Jenkinson, Hairy Monster Audio Hull, East Yorkshire, UK


I see bright times in your eyes
Open roads and sunny skies
Long hair waving in the breeze
I know I dreamt of times like these

Trapped inside for so long
I didn’t miss it ‘til it was gone
Now the journey measures on
Distance travelled in time and song

Soft silky drops of time
Drifting spaces floating lines
I will see you there

Sunset blue, a fading sky
A fluid dance before our eyes
A promise made, a gift of life
A squeeze of hand, a knowing smile

Soft silky drops of time
Drifting spaces floating lines
Will I see you there?