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Deep in the New Brunswick woods near the Piskahegan Falls you might see the enigmatic Woodland Dreamer.

But you probably won't.

Words and Music © Jeff Patch
Lead Vocals: Karine Basque
Backing Vocals: Amanda L. Moss
Backing Vocals: Catherine LeBlanc
Acoustic Guitars and Flutes: Jeff Patch
Lead Guitar: Dan Doucet
Rhythm Guitars: Joseph Bonnell
Bass: Alan Gray
Drums: James Rooney


Woodland Dreamer
© Jeff Patch

It’s a cool dream
Like a movie scene
Piskahegan promises
They won’t let you down

Woodland dream child
Supple and wild
Affirmation prophesies
Got you wound around

Awakened child thing
Somehow knowing
Visionary reader
She won’t let you down

By a mossy path
Near majestic pine
Divine forecaster
Wood nymph dreamer