1. OK Boomer

From the recording Imperfection - The Album

OK Boomer is a comedy series created by Fredericton filmmakers Brenda Malley and Nancy Lynch. It sheds light on the divide between millennials and baby boomers. We had a blast working on this theme song for the series and it includes the main cast singing background vocals.

Written by Jeff Patch

Lead Vocals: Sherri Chenard
Background Vocals: Brenda Malley, Tammy Boyer, Danielle d’Entremont, Kayla-Renée Ossachuk, Rebecca Tremblay
Electric Guitar: Joseph Bonnell
Cowbell: Jeff Patch
Bass: Larry LeBlanc
Drums: James Rooney


© Jeff Patch 2020

Get off your phone and find your own home
Show that you respect me and stop takin’ those stupid selfies

OK Boomer, chill out and let me be
How can you always moan? You put holes in the ozone

Your shopping online put my stores in decline
Boomer, you messed up the air and you threatened polar bears

Yes we can differ in how we see the world today
But we can still hang out; we are special in our own way

OK Boomer