1. Chaos

From the recording Imperfection - The Album

Many people believe that there is some form of harmony and balance in nature, unless that order is disrupted by human actions. This song represents a view that life and nature are driven by chaotic events and that any sense of order and predictability is a delusion.

Written by Jeff Patch

Lead Vocals: Amanda L. Moss
Background Vocals: Catherine LeBlanc, Jeff Patch, Amanda L. Moss
Electric Guitar: Joseph Bonnell, Jeff Patch
Bass: Larry LeBlanc
Drums: James Rooney


© Jeff Patch January 3 2019

I’ve seen my share of hard times and
I’ve had friends that came undone and
messed up, stayed when they shoulda run
I know I was the lucky one

Climb on, take a ride,
try to navigate and
circumstance does a dance
it’s all confusion
Stay inside while outside
a butterfly flaps its wings
No control ‘cause overall
it’s all delusion

Sing it now, sing it loud
You got no control, not then, not now
You got the hubris man if you think you know
It’s a nasty thing and it won’t let go