1. The Storm

From the recording Imperfection - The Album

This song was originally intended be a section within the Ice Storm song in 2014. It didn’t fit well in there and now it stands alone as a brief testament to experiencing a deep freeze and an associated power outage in 2013-2014.

Written by Jeff Patch

Lead Vocals: Joshua Sangster
Background Vocals: Catherine LeBlanc
Electric Guitar: Joseph Bonnell
Bass: Larry LeBlanc
Drums: James Rooney
Cowbell: Jeff Patch


© 2014 Jeff Patch

Were you ready for the storm?
Prepared when forewarned
Got your wood and supplies
Put the fire on
To try to stay warm

Dark time of the year
Ice storm’s got us here
Trees took down the lines
Too much to fix in good time

BREAK with More cowbell

So keep the fire going
You’re frozen to the bone
Lonely dark and cold
So gather ‘round the stove
And try to keep warm