1. Be Happy

From the recording Free To Grow

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After the ice storm of 2013-14 in eastern Canada (power out for weeks for some), followed by the polar vortex (-30 temperatures), the season had morphed into the mother of all winters. Jeff wrote this song to encourage Janet to be happy, as she was feeling down. She came home from work and he, full of pride, played it for her. She then started to cry her eyes out. Go figger.


Be Happy © Jeff Patch 2014 SOCAN

I like to see you smile
at me
Makes me happy

I love your pretty face
and our place
out in the country

I enjoy our laid back style
how we like it quiet
taking in nature

And when you get home
and put on your cozy fleecy clothes
and we get the fire really going
and together we stay warm

You're gentle and kind
and keep in mind
the needs of others

I like the things you write
you bring it to life
and stir emotion

So take these clumsy words of mine
into your heart
and be happy