August Update - JL Music Composer Award

Hi Folks

Lots of news to share: the most recent, wonderful and exciting being Jeff's receipt of the JL Music Composer Award from the Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund. This $1000 CAD award will substantially offset our studio expenses as we continue work on our fourth studio album. This is awesome news for us!!!

We continue to prepare for our next live performance (Facebook Event Link) on August 30 at 7-8:30 pm at Mitch Clarke Park on Fredericton's Northside. This free performance is sponsored by Business Fredericton North as part of their Northside Concert Series. We even made a YouTube Short Promo Video!

On a last note several people have enquired about what happened to our June 23 gig at The Tipsy Muse Cafe. Unfortunately one of our members contracted and tested positive for Covid the night before the scheduled show. Regrettably the show had to be cancelled.

That should bring us up to date. Peace and Love to All