September 2020 Update

Hi Folks 

Exciting times as it has now been a little over a month since the release of the "Imperfection" album. We have since released it in vinyl, which is exciting. If you want a CD, vinyl or a download and haven't got it yet please let me know. If you have and like our music feel free to spread the word. That is always appreciated. 

Reviews have been very positive: 

Jeff Liberty Review for CBC Saint John 

Grid City Magazine Review by Matt Carter 

Atlantic Axess Interview with Terry Parker 

fred-e-scene review by David MacCoubrey 

CBC Shift Interview 

Note that the previously released Miracle Man remains our most popular video at close to 3.4k views and most streamed song on Spotify with over 2k streams. Silence is another song that has done well, being named video of the week on the International Indie Site Music Talks, and song of the week on Belter Radio in the UK. 

In other news we have discontinued our relationship and page on Facebook. Over the years the platform has become less and less effective as a means to communicate with and engage followers. Posts that a few years ago would reach hundreds of people now often reach less than 100 and if there is higher engagement we get invited to pay to boost a post to reach more people. Our revenue stream is not enough to make it cost effective. Couple that with a series of scandals and bad press (no I don't wear a tinfoil hat ) and I felt it was time to leave. For now we remain available on TwitterInstagram and our website and you can always reach out via email. We also maintain a presence on Bandcamp

That's all I have for now and best wishes to all. 

Jeff Patch for 

Free to Grow