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Hi All 

Some of you have been asking about our performance hiatus and wondering why we still have no shows lined up. We have not been applying to play any shows at venues or festivals since last summer and have had to turn down any opportunities that have arisen. At first it was due to our lead singer being pregnant and having a baby. That was all great news and Amanda's baby Freya grows more beautiful by the day. 

Now for the rest of the story which some of you know. In late winter I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and the uncertainty surrounding treatments etc. has precluded an ability to make any commitments. Since that time I have undergone several procedures but the long term strategy has not yet been determined. The long term prognosis is still positive, but it will be some months at the very least before I can consider performing again. I look forward to that time. 

On a more positive note we now have four songs which are almost ready to be released on an EP. A full album will also be in the works for later in the year. A huge thanks to Adrian at Hairy Monster Audio in Hull, UK who is helping us with the mixing process for this go round. 

I thank you for your support and well wishes and please be advised that I am OK.

Jeff Patch 

Free to Grow Band