1. Career Track

From the recording Free To Grow

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This song is over 30 years old and Jeff wanted it on the album to get it out of his system...and because, thankfully, some of the other players liked it. A relationship ended because career paths diverged and the long distance thing didn't work.


Career Track © Jeff Patch SOCAN

Sea-blue eyes
Light brown hair
I always thought you would be there

A carefree time
And I knew you loved me then
Something special felt inside

And I know I love you
And I miss you all the time
And I know I need you
I thought you'd be there for all time

Dune buggy drives
Surprises in my lunch each day
I see the sparkle in your eyes

Antique chairs
Flowers on the table
Did someone wait for me each night?

Long distance calls
Something tried and failed
An empty bed and thin veiled lies

Career track
Was it worth it then?
What if we hadn't moved apart?