1. Imperfection

From the recording Free To Grow

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The song isn't about anyone, so much as Mother Nature. As the Roman philosopher Lucretius said in De Rerum Natura (The Nature of Things) over 2000 years ago: "Harmony? Whatever it is, leave it to the musicians."


© Jeff Patch SOCAN

In a time of quiet reflection
I know she's perfect in her imperfection
Seeming to need some kind of intervention
Ahhh no
I'll let it flow
'Til we're home again

Strong but bending, got resilience
Sometimes dim, but often brilliant
Forgiving when it makes no sense
I'll try
and let it ride
'Til we're home again

Like the ocean and all its' mystery
and all the storms that crash upon me
None can ever understand perfectly
I'll be steady
for when I'm ready
to go home again


Through lonely times and with companions
When you're lost and when you're found again
Think of the one,think of the millions
Many know
they want to go
See home again